About us

Comfort in gaming is our philosophy.


PC gamers have long been able to enjoy their games in specially designed gaming chairs – pretty easy since the computer is usually placed at the desk. But when it comes to relaxed console gaming, the console gamer is often left out in the cold. The sofa is too far away, the bed somehow seems inappropriate, and the office chair simply doesn’t cut it. – We heard these cries for help, and have developed innovative gaming beanbags specifically designed for console gamers who want to combine comfort, coolness and practicality.
When it comes to a long lasting gaming experience, we at Gamewarez are really relaxed – because we are passionate players who know what it takes in gaming. Besides graphics, gameplay and fun it is comfort that may matter most. When we speak about comfort, we don‘t mean any rickety office chair or the scuffed old couch of your flat-sharing community. We understand the concept of gaming comfort as the idea of enjoying your favorite games in a totally relaxed way – for hours and hours and in a totally comfortable position.
Gamewarez seating solutions are Made in Germany and, apart from design and functionality, particularly convince through their durability. Thanks to their special nature, they provide that certain something of comfort to meet our desire: #relaxedgaming.